De Wieken

Your Dutch Connection in the NC Triangle


“The devil shits Dutchmen”, complained Sir William Batten in 1667 as he watched the English fleet burning in the Thames estuary.

The famous British naval administrator was exasperated by the Dutch challenges to English hegemony in the east Indies, at the high seas, and now even at home.

While few would accuse the Netherlands of having an overly aggressive foreign policy today, at least part of Sir Batten’s observation continues to hold true—the Dutch are everywhere!

The North Carolina Research Triangle area, too, has a surprisingly large Dutch community. There are people on temporary assignments from their employers, Dutchmen who married Americans and others who simply ended up here by a twist of fate.


Welcome to De Wieken!

Established in 1985, De Wieken caters to the Dutch people living in this area, and to those who, for whatever reason, have a special interest in The Netherlands and the Dutch culture.

The club’s get-togethers are a fun way to rekindle ties with the old country, taste some Dutch ‘lekkernijen’ (treats) or just enjoy the company of friends.

With members from the greater North Carolina Triangle region, stretching as far as Greensboro in the west and Wilmington in the east, our list of members is larger than you might suspect.

We look forward to seeing you at our next club function --and we promise to not burn your property this time.